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5 Elixirs to drink up for glowing skin!

Detox juice for a gowing skin

Glowing skin? I’m always in <3

Okay, all emojis aside! Time for a serious talk.

Are you sick and tired of all the skin care services and products you invest in on a monthly basis? Well, you are not the only one! I have been there and I’m sure so many other people can relate. However, let’s be clear. Beautiful and Glowing skin doesn’t happen overnight. it requires commitment, not a miracle.

Still, keep in mind that money alone can not buy you glowing skin as you might think. Healthy, glowing skin comes with lots of patience and care. It starts from the inside out.

Yes, you read that right! INSIDE OUT. You need to nourish your skin with healthy foods and drinks, hydrate it with water, and then establish a skincare routine for your specific type of skin. And of course, commit to it.

So, are you ready to upgrade your beauty routine?

Here are 5 natural drinks for ageless and glowing skin:

1. The ‘’make my skin glowing’’ drink: Coconut Water

Salty hair, hot sun, big waves, and fresh, ice-cold coconuts are all you need for that perfect, tropical vacation, right? WELL, guess what? You don’t need to be somewhere like the Maldives, Bali, or Thailand to get some of the cool benefits of coconut water.

You can start today and make drinking coconut water your new healthy habit for glowing skin and younger you. wink 😉

This might surprise you but coconut is known as the elixir of life! It is highly packed with vitamin C, carbohydrates, and electrolytes. So drinking it regularly will give you clear, firm, younger-looking, and glowing skin.

So, if you often wake up to discover that a nasty blemish has taken shape smack in the middle of your beautiful face, Worry Not!

Keep calm & drink coconut.

2. You have Green tea = you have glowing skin!

No one can argue about the fact that green tea is the king of all tea and the world’s healthiest drink. It is highly packed with vitamin B2 and Vitamin E, which help maintain good collagen levels and provide your skin with deep hydration.

AND that’s not everything!

Green tea is chock full of catechins, which are, in turn, rich in antioxidants that can give your skin an instant boost, fight acne, reduce fine lines and prevent wrinkles

So drinking green tea every day will give you: firm, smooth, soft, and glowing skin!

An extra tip with love: place brewed green tea bags on your eyes for about 15-20 minutes and kiss those frog eyes goodbye! Green tea will reduce the swelling and tighten the skin around the eyes.

3. Always say ‘’Yes’’ to cucumber juice!

You may go like: Yuck, I don’t drink that!

But wait not that soon. I can change your mind.

This refreshing and rejuvenating drink is highly packed with hydrating properties and significant antioxidant levels. Cucumber is 98% water and an excellent source of silica – the beauty mineral. Thus, drinking only one glass of cucumber juice on a regular basis is capable of giving you healthy, glowing skin from within.

Still not convinced?

Cucumber juice is not only good for your skin but also for your hair. It contains both: silicon and sulfur which collectively stop hair fall, and promote healthy hair growth.

Just think about the glow that you’ve always wanted and you will sip it all!

Or maybe spray it all over your face for a temporary glow! 

You choose…!

4. Drink your way to glowing skin with tomato Juice!

This celeb-approved beauty elixir is packed with antioxidants and skin-boosting vitamins. Tomato juice is perfect for rejuvenating your skin and improving its complexion, especially if it’s consumed regularly.

Besides, Tomato juice can help you treat all the other skin woes you might be struggling with, including acne, large pores, discoloration, and excess secretion of sebum in oily skin.

Not really into tomatoes???

You can still benefit from its topical application as it can help your skin get rid of tanning and make it glow.

So, you’re in?

5. When life Gives You lemons… Make Lemon Water!

If lemon water doesn’t make you feel fresh, I don’t know what does. But if it also doesn’t give you clear, glowing skin, I don’t know what else will!

Have you tried it before? 

If your answer is No, then maybe you should, and then… watch your skin magically transform in NO TIME!

Why lemon water? 

Very simply, Lemon water is a beauty drink loaded with beauty benefits. It is highly rich in vitamin C, which fights acne, radical damage, and sensitive skin issues. 

In this case, drinking it on a daily basis will help absorb nutrients and flush out the toxins in your system.  Results: healthy body= healthy skin.

Until our next meeting, don’t forget to lemon up!

Stay beautiful. 
Kiss XX <3

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