Amazing Alternative lubes to try in bed tonight!

Alternative lubes to try in bed tonight!

That’s All you need to go “OMG… YES!”

Alternative lubes? You might be thinking: ” now why in the hell do I need this thing when I can just use the one I have? ” Well, I’ll answer that!

Most of the lubricants, if not all of them, contain questionable ingredients that you might not want to put in your “Vajayjay” nor his “joystick” if you know what I mean! These harmful ingredients can lead to serious infections, increased irritation, and higher transmission risk of sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Okay, no intention to freak you out! But, it’s important to understand that personal lubricants are used in the most intimate parts of your body. Hence, you should opt for the best natural lubes available, or even better, explore good alternative lubes existing out there! 

So, are you in for some fun tonight?

Virgin coconut oil: the best alternative lube

Virgin coconut oil: the best alternative lube - Granma Secrets
Photo by Dana Tentis from Pexels

Are you planning to get dirty tonight, but can’t stop thinking about how painful it was the last time? You’re not alone. Painful lovemaking can occur due to many reasons, one of which is the fact of not producing enough fluid for lubrication. How? Not enough fluid for lubrication can lead to friction, heat, and burning, which eventually cause you pain and discomfort down there.

But still, you need to use a lube to enjoy lovemaking for you and your partner, right?

Coconut is definitely one of the best natural alternative lubes to try! If you still think that coconut oil is only used to keep your dog’s fur shiny and healthy, and your skin soft and well moisturized, then hear me out! 

Coconut oil is a gentle and natural lube that won’t cause you any harm. However, you should just make sure it’s cold-pressed fresh coconut, all-natural, and not use it anywhere near a latex condom.

So yes, God bless the coconut.

Aloe vera: slide and glide

Aloe vera: slide and glide - GranmaSecrets
Photo by Cyril Caiazzo from Pexels

You may have some of this item laying around the house, don’t you? Yeah, I know what you’re going to say! NEVER EVER thought about using Aloe as a natural lubricant. Guess what? Neither do I, but here is how I discovered this amazing natural alternative lube. I had a fun conversation with my friend the other day and she said that she loves using aloe vera during playtime and so does her partner. 

She also said that Aloe Vera is perfect for those who like to stay clean when getting dirty. Meaning, it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tacky afterward. And, the plus is that you don’t need to re-apply it repeatedly to stay juicy.

Bonus alternative lube: Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil Bonus alternative lube - Granma Secrets
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Really? vitamin E oil for better and pain-free bedtime fun? Yes, let’s talk about this a little!

Vitamin E oil is not only a perfect hydrator but can equally act as a natural lubricant and moisturizer. Hence, it can be safely applied to your intimate part to increase lubrication and reduce vaginal dryness and irritation. In addition to this, Vitamin E oil can help with tissue repair. It’s also safe, gentle on your skin, and can do the job just perfectly! However, keep in mind that’s unsuitable for use with condoms.

So, are you willing to give these natural lube alternatives a try tonight? If yes, then be prepared, you will be having too much fun, and let us know how was the experience.

Making love, and intimate moments are too fun to be painful and boring, leave a comment if you agree!


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